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I carry specific skincare & makeup products that are chemical free and Canadian made! My most popular products are described below. Please call & stop by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

The "top-notch" line that I use for facials, makeup, (and personally!) is the PURE ANADA makeup and skincare line, proudly made in Morden, MB by Candace Grenier. Her products have become popular not only here in Canada, but are also making inroads world-wide. They are growing in popularity in the UK thanks to a professional makeup artist there that raves about them. Our own local makeup artist, Kristen VonRiesen, is featured at Pure Anada's channel Kristen's tutorials are definitely worth following! In my career I've used makeup and skincare from all the "hot-spots" like Germany, New York, Paris, etc., and I find PURE ANADA to be competitive and even out-perform many! And with NO nasty hormone-disrupting, skin-irritating chemicals. PURE ANADA cosmetics do NOT contain: parabens, formaldehyde, petrochemicals, nano/micronized particles, carmine, lakes and dyes, or synthetic fragrances and are even gluten free. This makeup line has been featured in the Canadian best-seller "There's Lead in Your Lipstick" by TV journalist & breast cancer survivor Gillian Deacon.

My other favorites are tea tree products, ranging from the pure essential oil to skin washes & lotions specifically for the face or body. Not all tea tree oils are alike, as there are 160 different tea tree species that range in concentration, and some companies add other ingredients to their tea tree oil. I carry tea tree products by Aaron & Alex; another great Canadian company. (and their products are manufactured in a "bullfrog powered facility"!) Comforting to know with professional ethics like that, you can be sure the product is excellent. I have had very good feedback from customers that are now using this line, and love it for myself as well. They have also developed a line for babies (or those with highly sensitive skin) under the brand name Bibalo; the Hair & Bodywash is called Baldilocks; how great is that? There is also a Body Lotion in the same line that is healing for the most sensitive of skintypes. And, of course, this line is also free of sulphates, parabens & petrochemicals.